Jorge Mares

I am certain that having kale fans ventilation equipment has improved the production lines in our plant.

Eduardo García

Having fans of kale fans, produced a significant energy savings. It is no longer necessary to turn on the air conditioner in several months.

Jesús Wong

Thanks to the fan, my gym is full at all hours. The members are more comfortable.

Eduardo Grajeda

Supplier’s City Administrative Manager

The fans have a large diameter of ventilation and their energy consumption is super low, actually, they can be powered with what’s call a battery, because they work with magnets. Employees feel an improvement.

Marcia Barrera

Event coordinator at Parque “La Ruina”

Thanks to Kale Fans we can offer to our customers a nicer climate environment, we have an open-air bar and the high temperature in the city is factor that affects the attendance of our customers. With the fan we have, we can say we have more customers and they enjoy their stay.

Kathya Yruretagoyena G.

Human Resources of Auto Cubiertas de Mexico

We seek to optimize the quality of life of our collaborators, providing the necessary tools for better performance. With Kale Fans, the temperature of our facilities allows better control and ventilation. We guarantee by experience, widely equipment and installation.

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Product attributes.

This is a basic table about our products, just to show you.

Eurus III
Eurus II
Motor PMSM Transmission PMSM
Wheels x x x
Motor power 1.5 KW 1.5 KW 0.15-0.4 KW
Supply power 220V 220V - 480V 220V
Metal grid x x x
Energy saving
Air circulation in large space
Free of maintenance
Sound level 38dB 40dB 39-41dB

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